Have fun being a bad girl by keeping yourself safe and protecting your mind, body and soul because if anyone can break you down it will be a bad boy! Try and keep the humor relative to the girl. Be creative and innovative and surprise her with sweet things also give her opportunities to do something for you and don't forget to appreciate her! Show at least one full-body picture of yourself. Where you can make a puzzle of your and her picture. If you take your car, Clean it out!!! Make sure you tell someone that you're looking for a long-term relationship from the onset. It is too easy to spend too much time with a single person; this is like being married, and for two people who are just starting to get to know one another, contact in controlled doses may be a good idea. As you kiss, try holding her face with your hand or hands. Make jokes to get out of the awkwardness of the situation if it tends to be. Keep yourself simple. Don't go out every day. Avoid jokes that will plummet your standing in her mind. We've all heard what bad karma it is to take away someone's man. Don't free dating website force your smile. Don't say anything funny about her! I want people to look at the people they are going on dates with on Facebook to see if the profiles match. Do you spend all day wondering where He Is? How to Have the Special Girl You Have Your Eyes on Be Impressed. Be honest about your feelings with any person you start dating. When we see things that we like in others, it illuminates those things that we like and admire in ourselves. Add a necklace or a bracelet to put up with the look. It may make you seem resentful. That means not saying, Eh, she's cute - but I prefer brunettes to blondes. Ask yourself: what would work out best in the long term? Avoid complaining or whining as a form of talking. Don't always choose someone just because they are hot, make sure you are able to talk to them (although a hot girl is cool... If you're into underwater basket weaving, and he's taking a class on submarine repair welding, casually ask what kind of wetsuit he prefers, or if he's ever had trouble with his oxygen tank.


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«Половина денег, которые я трачу на рекламу, не приносит пользы.
Проблемма в том, что я не знаю, какая именно половина»
Джон Ванамэйкер (американский мультимиллионер)

Наша цель, научить Вас ДЕЛАТЬ ЭФФЕКТИВНУЮ РЕКЛАМУ! Не ту рекламу, которая красивая и нравится, а ту, которая продает и приносит прибыль! Так же, важно понимание того, что может сделать реклама, а что ей уже неподвластно. Реклама не волшебная палочка и если в целом у компании отсутствует маркетинговая стратегия, реклама лишь может нагнать людей в магазин и все, но этого слишком мало в современной экономической ситуации…
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